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There are two ways we can help you with your current software.

Packaged Software

Do you use Microsoft Excel, Word, and Access in your business? Crystal Reports? QuickBooks or other accounting software? Graphics? Contact Management? Other business tools?

Do your people sometimes struggle for hours or days trying to do something that should be simple, that they know is simple, if they could just find the right button to press?

Call us. We have the answers you need. We can help.

Legacy Custom Software

What is "legacy" software? It's the software that you have been running your business on for decades. It has its quirks, but your people have learned to work around them, because the person or the company who used to take care of it is long gone. Every one is used to it, but lately it has been cramping your business because times have changed while your software hasn't.

One solution would be to go out and buy new software today and have it installed tomorrow. Would that be a good idea? Are you sure you know what you will need tomorrow and five years from now? Could you use some breathing room? We can add life to your existing software by fixing bugs and adding functionality. We can also help you refine the requirements that will help you choose your next system.

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