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For all of us in business in America, the last few years have been... "interesting". First we had the incredible growth of the nineties, then the new millennium came in with a thud. Business has been hard, but we are poised now for a healthy recovery. Or maybe we're not.

You want to be ready to grasp the coming opportunities. You also know that your company's cash is its blood. You need to keep your current operations running efficiently. Changes must be considered carefully and conservatively. Any dollar spent must give more than a dollar of return.

Here are some of the areas where our expertise can help you:

  • Support: If you have a "legacy" system that you need to keep operating, we can help you with that. If you have a program that is critical to your business but is due for replacement, we can give you breathing room by extending the life of your existing software. You will have the time you need to implement a new system in a thoughtful, efficient way.
  • Software Development: We can help by developing high quality custom software. From stand-alone programs to full-blown business systems, we ensure success by involving you each step of the way.
  • eBusiness: The idea of using the Internet for business has gotten a black eye with the demise of the "dot coms". The Internet is not a business model. It is a vehicle for advertising, marketing, customer support, and sales that can that can deliver great benefits for the investment. No business needs the Internet, but most can benefit. Can yours?
  • Data Integration: Every organization has its "islands of information." Do you have a payroll system that doesn't talk to your General Ledger? Do you want to combine labor and material costs when setting your pricing but find you'd have to hand-enter data in spreadsheets? Do you want to import a vendor's catalog into your purchasing system or export your catalog for your customer's use? We can help!
  • System Configuration: Are you thinking about installing an office network? Do you have trouble keeping all your office computer equipment running efficiently? Have you connected your office network to the Internet? Are you wondering about the safety and security of your data? We can help!

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