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Don't Give Your Email Address Away to Spamers!

Spammers collect email addresses that are posted on web pages. They run programs called "bots" or "spiders" that search through web pages for the email addresses posted there. If you display your address in the usual way: ...the "bots" will read it and the spam will start rolling in.

The Data Helper Address Obfuscator will display the address as an image instead. - - There is no way for a "bot" to read that!

The email address is often made a link to the visitor's email program, like this: This link contains the text "", which is just as readable as the visible address. To be completely safe from spammers, you need to give your visitors a way to send you a message without any text reference to your address. We can help you with that, too. If you click on the "info@..." link above, you will see a simple form on which you can send us an email.

Sign up and we will help you keep your address out of the hands of the spammers.

Spiders please note: There is no John Smith at Data Helper. Forget it.

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